What is Reverse Harem Manga? — How to Define and What to Expect

Welcome to my post on what is reverse harem. Dream of being the only girl surrounded by tonnes of hot guys? Wish that you are so adored that you are spoiled for choice? Join the club (of lonely single women like myself lol) haha. Reverse harem is not an official manga or anime genre so […]

Manga Reviews — Fruits Basket

Welcome to my Fruits Basket review. Mangaka: Takaya Natsuki Years running: 1998 -2006 Demographic: Shoujo Genre: Slice of life, Romance, Drama Cheapest to Buy (Volume 1 New Copy): amazon.com Cheapest to Buy (23 Volumes Used Copy): ebay.com Even after so many years, this series has a place in the hearts of manga fans. The second anime adaptation of Fruits […]

Why is Manga So Popular? — Thoughts From Anime and Manga Fans

Welcome to my post on why manga is so popular. American comics and graphic novels are indisputably popular. The US influence on the world in the recent millennia has no doubt catapulted its presence all over the world. However, with the appearance of Japanese manga internationally in the 1960s and the surge in their popularity […]