5 Best Comedy Manga — My Personal List

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Welcome to my post on my 5 best comedy manga.

I love a great comedy ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Nothing makes me feel better after a tiring day than a good hearty laugh over a comedy manga or anime. Comedy comes in many shapes and sizes and while some acts are not for everyone, you have to admit that people love laughing over other people’s antics. Sub-categories like romantic comedy have just as much romance as comedy but it does deserve praise for putting two genres and marrying them together to create wonderful stories.

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Comedy in manga is usually slapstick humour since the drawing style is able to capture the most outrageous facial expressions and movement. Comedy manga also uses fourth wall breaking and inside jokes but if you’re not too familiar with the Japanese culture or Japanese stereotypes, it may not be as funny but hey, it also gives you a good reason to learn about jokes that Japanese people find funny.

I myself love a good comedy manga at times. I find that laughing makes my heart a lot lighter, especially when it’s crunch time and I’m studying so much. It’s a good getaway from the heavier things in life and I think that my selections will make you smile as well.

So without further ado, here are my 5 best comedy manga that will make you laugh your pants off (๑❛ꇳ❛๑)

5. Azumanga Daioh

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Let’s start off with this lovely 4-koma that will guarantee laughs as well as sighs of cuteness (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖

Azumanga Daioh tells the story of six girls and their two teachers in a normal Japanese high school. The manga is very slice of life as it talks about everyday school life as well as extra-curricular activities that the girls take part in. The manga covers all three years of the girls’ high school life and includes cute and funny situations that the six girls and teachers get themselves into.

I love this manga because the humour isn’t overly slapstick which is great if you’re so tired of people dramatically getting “killed” every single chapter. It helps that the girls are very cute so I just can’t help but feel like I’m in that group too, making mischief and such. I read this title when I want a quick laugh as 4-koma is basically a short panel of scenes that are made to impact the reader within minutes of reading.

4. One Punch Man

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We’ve all watched the anime but the manga is just as good I promise you.

Saitama is a hero that pummels his enemies with only one punch. He is bored out of his mind as he tries to find meaning in being a hero but his OP skill prevents him from enjoying any sort of fight since it ends so quickly. In this world, monsters, aliens and the like are common-place so being a hero is also pretty common. Will Saitama find any meaning in his work as a hero?

As a person who plays video games as well as read manga, I totally relate to Saitama’s challenge of finding meaning in fighting bad guys. When my hero in the game becomes too strong and I KO every single enemy, I find myself quitting the game because it isn’t fun anymore. Likewise, reading One Punch Man is exciting because it uses a trope that many mangakas (and game developers in fact) haven’t really explored: What happens if you are so good at the thing you love to do that it becomes so boring afterward? I anticipate every volume and chapter that comes out, hoping that one day, there will be a bad guy that Saitama will find hard beating and will have to actually put in the effort to do so. Until then, enjoy Saitama beat EVERY. SINGLE. THING with only one punch.

3. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Psi-Nan)

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Being a psychic isn’t a great as the media would hype it up to be. What if you just want to finish school without any powers getting in the way?

Saiki Kusuo is a 17-year-old psychic with all manner of psychic abilities — psychometry, telepathy, teleportation, etc. Despite the amazing nature of Saiki’s abilities, all he wants to do is live a normal school life without the need for his abilities. However, Saiki finds himself in ridiculous situations over and over again in which he needs his abilities to get out of. If only the world will live him alone then all will be good.

Slapstick humour? Check. Inside jokes? Check. Fourth-wall breaking? Uh yeah, definite check — in fact, there is a lot of Dragonball Z references in this series that I have to wonder if the mangaka of this series has some close relationship with or a fan of Toriyama Akira (mangaka of Dragonball Z). Well, regardless of whether Asou Shuuichi (the mangaka of this series) is a fan of Toriyama, there is no doubt that this series will put a smile on your face. Saiki just wants to live a normal school life and craves to be normal so much that it’s ridiculous at times — spoiler alert: He even roots for the most average kid in his school just because he is so “painfully average”. That is my favourite part of this manga because I crack up every time Saiki gets so excited over this average kid’s “average stats” lol.

2. Gintama

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Watched the anime, laughed until my sides hurt (You Da Boss Sugita Tomokazu! (˵¯̴͒ꇴ¯̴͒˵) ) Read the manga, laughed some more. If I didn’t discover Grand Blue last year, this title will still be my number one.

Set in the alternate late-Edo period, the universe of Gintama has these aliens called Amanto that the samurai fight against. The manga focuses the story around this eccentric samurai called Gintama who runs an odd jobs store. He and his friends in the city of Edo come together and do odd jobs throughout the city. There is no actual plot in Gintama save for a few story arcs so just enjoy the antics of Gintama and his odd-job posse as they try (and fail) to be of service to the city.

Let me warn you, Gintama has quite a bit of sexual innuendo plastered in with their humour. While it does make the series a lot funnier, some young children that do read it may be a bit confused at first so parents, if you are not keen to explain the innuendos I suggest you don’t show this title to children until they are mature enough to get it. Besides the sexual innuendos, Gintama has a lot of slapstick humour and fouth wall breaking that are executed really really well. Until Grand Blue, I thought that Gintama‘s comedic execution was the best in the anime/manga world. Don’t worry, I still love this title but it has to be at my number 2 for now and well, I miss you Sho-chan 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 (if you don’t get the reference, don’t pay it too much mind). 

1. Grand Blue Dreaming

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My new number one as of last year ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Kitahara Iori is looking forward to starting university (or college depending on where you are from) in the Izu Peninsula, that is until he meets the local diving club who are a bunch of buff men that spend more time drinking, partying, and stripping naked than actually diving. While Iori tries his best to avoid them, he nonetheless gets swept up in their antics (; ̄д ̄)

I watched the anime first per my brother’s suggestion and I was instantly hooked! When the anime ended, I picked up the manga and continued laughing my butt off to this day. This manga is categorised under the seinen demographic so there is a lot of drinking and partying scenarios — you know, dumb college kid stuff  y-(~。~;) As a university student myself, I see some of this occurring and I just burst out laughing at the similarities which is why this title outranks Gintama on my list. I look forward to new fun times that the diving club gets themselves into. To any adults who have been to college, I’m sure you have seen or experience that stupid things that these kids get themselves into so I guarantee you will enjoy it.

Final Thoughts

So concludes my personal list of comedy manga. Reading these titles always puts a smile on my face no matter where I am or the time of day. Some of the titles like Grand Blue and Gintama have sexual innuendos but rather than being crass, the innuendos enhance the comedy a lot more. To parents who are not comfortable with explaining the innuendos, that’s totally ok. You can recommend my other 3 favourites which don’t have any mature scenes needing explanation.

At any rate, these 5 are my favourite comedy manga that I read on a daily basis. This list is subject to change as you probably realise with me saying that Grand Blue overtook Gintama as my number one just last year. As of now though, these 5 will stay on the list. Stay tuned for any updates regarding any changes to my list.

As always, if you have anything to mention about my 5 best comedy manga, feel free to comment down below, I’d love to hear it 🙂


  1. Comedy Manga! I’ve been getting into a lot of action and romance that I totally forgot about those, except for One-Punch Man that is, and that one’s on Netflix already. I love Saitama’s attitude, he doesn’t care about what happens but everything just comes and bothers him and he gets so pissed that the battle got so epic it just cracks me up :,D

  2. Well! I started reading the manga when I started following your website faithfully and I must say, your recommendations have been top notch. None of the ones you have recommended before that i read and not find very interesting. So, a comedy manga should actually be fun to read too. I like the list and going through the summary made for each, it seems they all carried excellent storylines and I love that. However, I think I might want to go for the One punch man. It should be a good one I guess and I kind of like the story line already.

    1. One punch man is a really good place to start. The fan base is huge and there a lot of debate on the themes it represents or for a better term, “decontructs”. Thanks for the support, I hope you’ll enjoy the suggestions 😊

  3. Oh dear! I just ordered some action and romance mangas and now I’m getting to know there is comedy? C’mon this is my favourite sub-genre of literature. I think I’d just watch some anime from this comedy list. I love Japanese comedy though. Like you said, they’re slapstick with the expression. Thank you for informing me about the comedy mangas. I’m glad I read this post.

    1. It’s OK! Take you time to read. The manga ain’t going anywhere 😁😁 the anime is a good place to start since the humour will be amplified through the animation. Good luck! 

  4. I like your number one, Grand blue dreaming sounds very funny and interesting. I want to watch the animation first and see how funny it is. I remember my favorite comedy manga back in the days was Ranma, it was about a boy, who was cursed to turn to a girl when he is in contact with water and his father was cursed to be in a panda form.

    It was a comedy, a romantic and action manga, I can say. So, yes mangas can really be funny.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Ranma 1/2 was definitely a golden classic for the comedy genre indeed. I watched it too 😂 Grand blue is extremely hilarious I woke up my sister who was sleeping close by. I think you’ll enjoy it a lot. 

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