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Hi everyone and welcome to my My Manga Books website. I’ve been an anime fan since I was 9 years old when I watched Naruto for the first time on cable television (in dub, please don’t hate me ><) and when I was 12, I discovered the world of manga. I loved books and reading more than anything else so I became a manga fanatic.

However, finding published manga offline isn’t so easy. Then came the dawn of the internet and free manga sites started to become everyone’s go-to for manga. That’s great, but quality can vary depending on the non-profit company. Manga books are still popular but there comes the challenge of being not in proximity to a store. I have my go-to store but I know many who don’t have that chance.

That’s why I want to help you.

There are many places where you can find manga being sold online and I want to help you find them. I want to let you have a physical manga collection that has professional translations and has gone through quality control and checks.

My Manga (And by Extension Anime) Life

At the time I discovered my love for manga, I had just moved from New Zealand to Singapore. The manga I read was Volume 40 of Naruto and I was hooked by the fact that most anime was derived off manga. I wanted more but going to national book stores like Popular didn’t turn up anything.

There was the national libraries but I wanted something to call as my own; a collection of manga that I can stare at and say to myself “yeah, I’ve done well.” Then I heard of the existence of Kinokuniya which was a Japanese bookstore chain that sells not only books but also manga.

I was ecstatic and from then on, that place became my go-to for manga.

There’s something about owning a manga series that’s still ongoing as an anime that really gets me excited. When some long anime series goes into a tirade of filler episodes (I’m talking about you Naruto) or if the anime-only endings are not very satisfying (I’m talking about you Ouran High School Host Club), the manga provides a pivotal place for people me like to just sit back and let the anime studio do what they want, whether they follow the story or not.

In all, I’m usually ambivalent to what the anime studios do with the manga they choose to adapt as deep in my heart, I know that it’ll always be canon (^▽^)

Official vs. Fan Translations

With the age of the internet in full swing, many non-profit sites offer to fan translate manga for free. This is because official manga is very difficult to find…in English. Most normal bookstores don’t sell them and I consider myself really lucky as in Singapore, there is the Kinokuniya bookstore and in New Zealand, there are some private bookstores that sell some but not a lot.

I applaud these fan translation sites because they do so much for the anime and manga community. However, because they are non-profit sites, quality can be a little questionable. I once read a manga online that had glaring grammatical and formatting errors. If you’re like me and like quality, this is can be really off-putting.

In addition, I know some people like to bestow sentimental feelings on precious objects and that includes manga. My half-sister only reads paperback because she loves the idea that she can own tons and tons of manga, calling it her personal collection.

Lots of people may be satisfied with the altruistic actions of the fan translation sites but others prefer quality work that they can purchase and possess — kinda like instead of borrowing your friends designer jacket that he or she kindly lent to you, you buy your own and thus be called your own (horrible analogy, I know ><).

So if you wish to own a physical anime collection with quality manga, you have to start looking.

Obtain Official Manga Without the Imperfections

That’s where I come in. I want to help you obtain official manga that is professionally translated and gone through quality checks. You’ll be able to build up your manga collection that you can call your own by purchasing them online.

No need to be confined by location and luck when you can just buy and ship manga online 🙂

Feel free to look around and if you have anything to say with respect to purchasing quality manga online, I would love to hear it.

Build up a sizable manga collection for your daily dose of otaku (*≧▽≦)

One More Thing

This site will have two contributing authors, me and my sister, Suzuran (pen name). My sister is pretty private so I will be the main face of the website in case you are wondering.  If you do wish to have private chat with either of us, you can contact us via email:  Ann (ann@mymangabooks.com) and Suzuran (suzuran@mymangabooks.com) or follow us on our social media pages. No need to be shy, we’ll be happy to chat 🙂


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