Manga Recommendations — Sad Manga Recommendations

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aka. Manga that will leave you feeling sad, and possibly despondent 

Welcome to my post on sad manga recommendations.

Have you ever felt that urge to torture yourself by falling into an introspective spiral of sadness and madness? There’s a certain feeling that comes with reading a sad or even just thought-provoking manga which can only really be described as *silence* “I feel sad…?”. These manga don’t necessarily follow a specific genre or rating; the only commonality is that deep feeling of sadness.

Note: *Trigger Warnings* Please DO NOT read this manga if you really feel that you are at risk as some of these manga are quite dangerous for those who are.

Eien no With by Miyauchi Saya

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Source: *Never published outside Japan (Can’t find physical copies online as of yet)

This is a relatively light-hearted manga to start with in order to wean you all into that sad mindset. Eien no With follows the story of a girl named Hitomi from a young age up until adulthood. Her story is accompanied by a dog, and you can probably already guess where the story will be headed from there *psst* it’s sad.

Kamisama ga Uso wo Tsuku by Ozaki Kaori

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*Never published outside Japan (Can’t find physical copies online as of yet)

This is one of those manga which is thought-provoking while also sad. It’s also actually pretty well-known in the manga community. The story follows the perspective of an 11-year-old boy named Natsuru after he encounters a female classmate named Rio. Throughout the story, you will feel unsettled “Something’s not right…”. Read on, and enjoy the ride.

Onnanoko ga Shinu Hanashi by Yamamoto Mitsuhara

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*Never published outside Japan (Can’t find physical copies online as of yet)

This manga starts at the beginning of the first year of High School. Chiho wants to be more ‘like a girl’, and as she enters High School for the first time, she meets Haruka, a girl with white hair and Kazuya, a boy. That’s all I can really say, but be prepared for a story that places a lot of emphasis on interpersonal relations, and the concept of living. You will finish this manga either feeling unsettled or unsure. Maybe even bittersweet.

Deep Love: Ayu no Monogatari by Yoshi

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*Never published outside Japan
Source: (JP)

This manga is actually the first part of a series based on a series of Light Novels. This manga can actually be read alone, and whether you continue is your own decision (It only gets worse). So, this story is about a teenage girl named Ayu who lives her life with no purpose or meaning. In order to feel a sense of existence, Ayu prostitutes herself and does some questionable things. This all comes to a head when she meets a kind-hearted old lady. Prepare for a ride… you really should. There is actually a live-adaptation movie based on the light novels too so have a look at that too.

Final Thoughts

If you thought reading Osamu Dazai was depressing, then prepare yourself for the existential crisis of a lifetime with these selections. While introspective, they can be unsettling hence the warning above. If you can take it, I guarantee you will enjoy the thought-provoking nature that these sad titles provide.

Ann is not a huge fan of such manga as her head will spin too much basically lol. She thinks too much (oh..she is looking over my shoulder as I write this HAHAHA) so I’m the one who is recommending the manga this time.

As always, if you have any opinions on my selections, feel free to comment down below, I’d love to hear it 🙂

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